Start – A Better New Tab For Chrome Crack X64

Start – A Better New Tab For Chrome

Start – A Better New Tab for Chrome is an easy-to-use browser extension that gives you the possibility to customize the looks and functionality of the page displayed when opening a new tab in Google Chrome.
Customize the new tab in Chrome using live tiles
It shows live tiles with the weather details in your location, top websites visited by you, bookmarks you saved, news, emails received in your Gmail account, along with Facebook notifications, messages and friend requests.
Furthermore, you can check out YouTube clips that are hot right now, a simple notepad and to-do list to help you write reminders and notes, along with shortcuts to Google apps, such as Slides, Docs, Sheets, Drive, YouTube, Facebook and Chrome Web store.
Syncs with Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, Uber, Spotify, and more
Start – A Better New Tab’s features don’t end here since you can also view stock information, call Uber rides, get connected to the Google Calendar and your Spotify account, as well as view a clock. Any of these tiles can be hidden if you’re not interested.
While downloading and installing the browser plugin from the Chrome Web store, it asks for permission to read and change all your data on the websites you visit, display notifications, detect your physical location, as well as to manage your apps, extensions and themes. Once everything is set, you can open a new tab to view the modifications.
Change the wallpaper and configure other settings
In addition to the live tiles, you can look up information on Google in a search bar on top of the tiles, as well as quickly access Google apps, extensions, history, bookmarks, downloads, settings or the store using shortcuts.
When it comes to customizing extension preferences, you can adjust the level of transparency, change the wallpaper, enable bookmarks, pick a different layout for the live tiles (all in one, one per page), set the temperature unit to Fahrenheit or Celsius, get minimal weather information instead of expanded view, and set a different location. Besides toggling the live tiles, they can be re-arranged with drag and drop.
Adds more features to Chrome via the new tab
We haven’t come across any compatibility issues with the latest Chrome version in our tests. Too bad that it doesn’t give you the possibility to set your own wallpaper image. Also, it cannot change the photo automatically. Otherwise, Start – A Better New Tab offers intuitive customization preferences for users interested in getting more out of

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Start – A Better New Tab For Chrome With License Key

Start – A Better New Tab is a browser extension that shows useful info on new tabs when you open them.

Changes your search engine to Google, removes ads, and more.

“ is a free browser plugin that creates new tabs with the Google search engine by default, and even provides you with Google-powered search results inside of your new tab.”

Product Description

“ is a free browser plugin that creates new tabs with the Google search engine by default, and even provides you with Google-powered search results inside of your new tab.”

How Does it Work?

When you visit a website and click on the link to open a new tab, the page opens in Google’s search engine, which is usually, and other sites are opened in a normal Chrome browser tab. If the website has a specific URL, you may not see a Google search bar at all, or it may be hidden by default.

When you visit a page that you want to have a new tab with Google search engine, simply click the “Meet The New Tab” button on the toolbar. A new tab will be created with Google as the default search engine, and you will see search results from the first link. The remaining links on the page are opened in Chrome.

“Meet The New Tab” features:

It displays the contents of Google searches in the new tab. The displayed results will be similar to the search results you get from the Google search bar at

You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+T to open a new tab with the Google search engine.

“Meet The New Tab” supports more than 300 websites, including online stores like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and others.

If your tab is redirected to another site because you bookmarked the page, “Meet The New Tab” will display your bookmarked sites along with the ones from your history.

When you don’t want to open a page in a new tab with Google, you can “dismiss” the new tab by clicking on its “X” icon. You can re-open the page later by pressing Ctrl+T.

“Meet The New Tab” works with Chrome.

“Meet The New Tab” has a five-star rating at CNET and is recommended for Google Chrome users.

“Meet The New Tab” is free to download and use.

What’s New In?

This is a new tab extension that helps you get started faster with your favorite apps and websites on a clean, organized tab bar. It displays the weather forecast, bookmarks, and personal sites you frequently use. You can quickly access the Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, Google Calendar, Spotify and other apps and get things done with the additional feature set it offers. Plus, with a few simple clicks, you can check out YouTube videos, music or changes to your Google Drive, Facebook or other tabs. It's a fast way to quickly review your important news, appointments and notes.
• Discover new apps and websites you love.
• Get help remembering tasks with the to-do list.
• Find your favorite articles and messages from your inbox.
• Quickly find your favorite bookmarks.
• Find information from Google search.
• Control your Spotify profile.
• Quickly check your appointments and reminders.
• Access your favorite apps and websites.
• See the weather forecast on your phone.
• Display your location.
• See the latest news.
• View YouTube videos & change them.
• Learn to use the calculator.
• Download favorite articles.
• Save your favorite news.
• Manage your lists and reminders.
• Hide personal sites from your Google searches.
• View your highlights.
• Toggle the weather forecast.
• Quickly access Google apps and the Chrome store.
• Get help managing your accounts and shortcuts.
• Use your Facebook profile to access it.
• Get help finding your friends.
• Access the Google Calendar.
• Install apps and access your Chrome Web Store.
• Get help in a Google search.
• Access your contacts.
• Search your favorite file in Google Drive.
• Open and share YouTube videos.
• Control your Spotify profile.
• See the YouTube Trending tab.
• View the most popular and recent items.
• Access your favorite sites.
• Easily manage your bookmarks, favorites, history, settings and extensions.
• More than a dozen of apps and websites integrated.
• Re-arrange your live tiles.
• Lock your account and secure your password with a PIN.
• Hide the news bar from your apps and websites.
• Hide the video playback bar.
• Disable JavaScript.
• Control your notifications.
• Have more place for your favorite live tiles.
• Find your Google Maps directions.
• Have a custom wallpaper image.
• Make the new tab page look more like your wallpaper.
• Dark and light theme.
• Minimal design.
• Change the new tab page layout.
• Choose whether or not to have the app bar.
• Enable or disable the notifications.
• Choose to see the weather forecast in one tile or expanded view.
• Turn off the weather.

System Requirements For Start – A Better New Tab For Chrome:

PC: NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD equivalent; Intel® Core™ i5-3570K or AMD equivalent; 8GB RAM (8GB is suggested)
Nintendo Switch: Nintendo Switch Lite
AMD RX 480 8GB; NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB; Intel® Core™ i5-3570K or AMD equivalent; 8GB RAM (8GB is suggested)
Xbox One: Xbox One S All Terrain Edition, with 4K Blu-ray support
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (with rumble function)