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The LSSound application was developed to be a small tool that will allow you to add sound effects easily to your videos. Every wave’s volume and pan shape can be drawn.
– Load an AVI file. Press the “…” button. Specify the AVI’s fps under the AVI editbox.
– Use the + and – buttons to manage the hotkey list. Use + to add and – to remove. You can also Save or open lists.
– You can associate WAV files to keys, and specify a hotspot (in millisecond).
– When you play/seek in the video and press a hotkey, the associated wave’s hotspot will be placed there.
– Export to WAV









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LSSound Crack For Windows is a small application that will allow you to create custom sound effects. Every time you press a key, the application will create a new sound effect. You can load WAV files and define the sound volume and pan and play the WAV file accordingly. The application supports frames per second. You can also load lists of WAV files and specify a hotspot.
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– The %k macro supports keymapping and hotspot. Keymapping is used to represent a hotkey, and hotspot is used to represent the sound’s position.
– The Keymapping of a macro must have the following format: /key1 /hotspot1, /key2 /hotspot2,… /key9 /hotspot9.
– The Keymapping of a macro can use any hotkey which is listed in the hotkey list.
– The Keymapping of a macro must be associated to a hotspot on any wave, using the “,” character.
– Each hotkey is associated to a wave. The first wave that matches the hotkey will be used for the rest of the macro.
– The hotspot of a macro is used to position the wave on the waveform.
– The hotspot of a macro can be any number of millisecond between 1 and 10000.
– When you play the waveform, the wave’s hotspot is set to the macro’s hotspot.
– If you use the “F” shortcut and specify a hotspot, the wave’s hotspot will be set to the specified hotspot.
– You can specify multiple hotspots using a comma character.
– The default hotspot is 0.
– The default hotspot of a macro is applied to all waves.
– The default hotspot of a macro is applied to all waves when you play the macro.
– Keymapping macros are a good way to map your system’s keyboard keys to hotkeys.
– The commands of the hotkey list can be listed in any order, and can be separated with a comma character.
– To delete a hotkey, enter nothing in the edit box. To add a hotkey, enter the hotkey in the edit box. To remove a hotkey, remove its hotkey.
– To save a list, press the Enter button. To reload a list, press the Enter button.
– To load a list, press the Enter button. To save a list, press the Save button. To load a list, press the Load button.
– To remove a list, press the Delete button. To reload a list, press the Reload button.
– You can press the hotkeys of a list to play a wave. To stop the wave, press the Enter key.
– You can press the hotspots of a list to play a wave. To stop the

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* How To Use The LSSound:

– Edit the a video file
– Open “LSSound”, choose the a.avi file you want to edit, the command box is used to perform file edit. (example, Cut, Copy, Trim, Paste)
– Choose the wave you want to associate to a hotkey, by double click on it, or left click on it and press the “.” button.
– Click on the green “Hotkey” button to open the hotkey editor window.
– Left click on the wave to set a hotspot.
– You can also scroll down and edit the wave’s hotspot.
– Right click on the wave to open a context menu to set many options.
– You can right click on the wave to also open a context menu with this options:
– Play – Play the sound.
– Stop – Stop the sound.
– Remove from List – Remove the wave from the list.
– Clear List – Remove all the wave from the list.
– Export to WAV – Export the wave to a.wav file.
– Flip Horizontally – Flip the wave to Horizontally.
– Flip Vertically – Flip the wave to Vertically.
– Cycle waves – This option cycles the wave’s volumes and pans in 1 second.
– Selective wave – Select a wave by its name and clear all the other wave in the list.
– Select wave by coordinates – Select a wave by coordinates (left click).
– Press the “.” button to export the.wav file.

Version 0.7.9

* New Features
– You can export waveform as a.html file. It’s a html file with a soundwave. (Send Email or Post in forum)
– You can load wave.wav file and use it to animate a button. (see how to use LSSound)

Version 0.7.8

– You can use the mouse to scale a wave’s volume and pan shape. (see “About LSSound” in Help)

What’s New In LSSound?


This program was created to provide an easy way to manipulate sounds.
For example, you can add more or different sounds to an AVI file.
Also, you can create a selection from a wide range of sounds.
You can even create custom playlists.
This program has two ways to create sounds.
(1) You can make a sound file from a WAV file.
(2) You can draw sound waves on a video.
(3) You can even draw waves on your desktop.
You can create your own playlists from random sounds.
Drawing Waves is very easy.
(1) Set the position, size, and format of the wave.
(2) Set the hotspot in a video.
Export to a WAV file.

Version Notes:

* Fix the file save location
* (3) Add a pop-up menu for the input type in the “Create WAV file” window.
* Improve the speed of the wave drawing
* (1) Add export to a WAV file
* Fix a sound layout error
* Improve some codes
* Fix a bug where the sound volume could not be adjusted properly
* Fix a bug where sound fading was not working properly
* Change the exit button’s clickable area to 0x100 for 1.7.2 and 1.7.3

* (1) Fix an error that caused a crash when setting a hotspot to 0 in a video
* (2) Fix an error that caused a crash when starting the app

* (1) Add a menu to select sound wave input types
* (2) Fix a bug that caused a crash when creating a wave from an AVI
* (3) Improve some codes
* (1) (2) (3)


* (1) Fix a bug where the app would quit when you run it from the command line
* (2) Add a “Find Sound” window

* (1) Remove the “Remove all hotspots” button
* (2) Add 3D drawing of sound waves. The values for Z, Y, and X of a hotspot can be specified.

* (1) Add a list to save your hotkeys
* (2) Add a menu that lets you choose the “Save to list” option
* (3) Fix a bug that caused the app to close after starting
* (4) Reorder some codes
* (1) (2) (3) (4)

* (1) Fix

System Requirements:

* SSD recommended, slow disks like HDDs can work but will produce weaker results
* Dual core CPU recommended, multi-core CPUs can work but may produce inferior results
* 1GB RAM or more
* Support USB 2.0 and faster speeds
* Older monitors may have trouble displaying most fonts, test on a monitor or hardware of similar age
* Compatible with Windows XP (32 or 64 bit), Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
* Vast majority of parts compatible with the Basic model, however some complex parts, such as