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✓ Create photos for passports and other documents.
✓ Import pictures from the computer, a digital camera or a directory.
✓ Adjust the crop area of the picture.
✓ Crop out or insert picture elements.
✓ Print photos on plain paper.
✓ Save pictures to a folder.

Remove backgrounds from pictures

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KEYMACRO is a Windows tool that will save you a ton of time when you’re creating macros in PowerPoint. It contains all the tools you need to make your life easier.
KEYMACRO has a very simple interface that makes it easy to use. The program can import photographs from many media, such as a digital camera or a local folder. All the pictures you’ve stored can be identified by ticking the boxes next to them. There are several presets that are optimized for various regions around the world. You can also create your own presets and apply them to any photo.
The program comes with a wizard that guides you through the entire process. You must first choose a region for the picture. Then you must point out the top of the head, the bottom of the chin and the center of the eyes. The rest is pretty straightforward. You can choose to adjust the brightness and contrast, change the grayscale or color balance, and use the paper templates to create several copies of the picture.
KEYMACRO is one of those programs that is a bit small, but it’s very easy to use.
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ID Photo Maker

Supports paper templates in A4, A3 and Letter sizes.

Prints a single photo on a sheet of paper.

Can be used to create passport and visa photographs.

Interprets the different photographic fields that are required in a passport picture, such as the depth of the field and the shadows.

The package also comes with some different themes for the customization of the final image.

Has anyone ever used ID Photo Maker? What are your experiences and thoughts on it? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below!


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IDM is a photo editing and cropping utility which takes images and makes them presentable for the website owners and even for printing on paper. It’s a perfect way to spice up a few web pages or a nice picture for the wall. You can use it to add a splash of color to an unappealing page or give the old portrait a new twist by “embellishing” the old image.

The software comes with a few intuitive pre-defined templates which make IDM easy to use. It can even handle photos with the dark background, so it’s one of the few simple software that can use a “black and white” style. However, if you want to create something on your own, you can use the editing tools to experiment and create your own “look”.

IDM Features:

Features the drop-down menu to make your work easier.

Builds a lot of creative templates, so you can use them as-is or add your own images.

The software comes with a variety of themes, so you can choose one that matches your style.

Manages the imported image as a separate layer to allow you to create your own styles.

The cropping tools are easy to use and will help you create stunning pictures.

The selection of the cropped image is done in four ways: One-by-one, N-by-M, A-by-A and N-by-N.

You can also use the res

What’s New in the ID Photo Maker?

You are often asked to take pictures for different purposes. One of the most common is for work and school purposes, and you can find a lot of software in this category. ID Photo Maker is a small tool that can help you create standard pictures for passports, Visas and other documents.

The program has a compact interface that is easy to work with. Figuring out how to perform a task doesn’t take long, no matter how much experience with similar apps you have.
This software can import photographs from various media, such as a digital camera or directories from the computer. Alternatively, snapping a picture with the webcam is possible.
After selecting one of the directories, one or more images can be picked by ticking the checkboxes next to each thumbnail. The chosen pictures appear in the upper side of the interface and can be processed individually.
In order to do this, you must choose a cropping style, particular to the country you live in. The program comes with a few preset styles for various territories around the globe, such as Austria, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Greece, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, China, USA and even the Schengen Zone.
The program comes with a wizard that guides you through the entire cropping process. For instance, it requires that you set up a few pointers to better calibrate the image. Thus, you must select the center of the pupils, the bottom of the chin and the top of the head.
Some final adjustments can be made before the task is finalized. You can alter the brightness and gamma levels, fiddle with the color balance and the contrast, and apply a grayscale filter. The software has several paper templates, so multiple copies of the picture can be printed on the same sheet.
The bottom line is that ID Photo Maker is a nice program that is very easy to use.

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ID Photo Maker for Windows

System Requirements:

1.First of all, install the game and all the necessary plugins, except for “Botters” (according to the title) and “” plugin. For this, there is a version in the distribution you need to download, extract, change the name of the.jar files for the main game, then extract file and install. Follow the instructions in the README.TXT.
2. Then, download the “” and extract it.
3. Log in in the game using