ChapterEditor 4.0.2 Free X64 2022 [New]

chapterEditor includes multiple tools that make it easier for you to manage chapters for a plethora of file formats. With a tab-based interface and various configuration options, this lightweight application aims to meet the needs of all users who want to manipulate video files.
An assortment of compatible chapter file formats
No installation is required so chapterEditor will start with a double click, revealing its multi-tabbed GUI and all the integrated editors. Its highlight stands in the fact that it gathers chapter editing tools for multiple file formats under the same roof.
The array of compatible sources includes DVD IFOs, Blu-ray mpls, multiAVCHD files, OGG chapter text files, 3GPP TTXT files,  ChapterGrabber.chapters files, tsMuxer meta files, VLC bookmark files, xml Matroska chapters file, CHP files (created by Hybrid),  CCE SP text file, DVD Author text files, Muxman data, and the list does not end here. It can also process Matroska files but note that MKVToolNix must be installed beforehand.
Dedicated editors for each supported chapter file format
Each editor has a name that speaks for itself, so it's easy to find the one you need for your chapter file. Depending on the editor, you can create a chapter file from scratch and add your own chapters, or load files from a Blu-ray or a DVD. Most of the editors enable you to name chapters as you wish and bundle chapter time adjustment options. Additionally, you can modify the FPS rate for the input file.
Thanks to the Multi Editions Editor, you can easily save your Blu-ray videos to MKV format and organize chapters in the process. The Matroska Menu Editor is specifically designed for Matroska files (MKV, MKA, MK3D) but it cannot process any without MKVToolNix. In turn, the DVD2mkv Editor can mux tracks stored on a DVD and save them to MKV format.
A versatile chapter editor for experienced users
chapterEditor is a powerful tool in the right hands of users who understand the way chapter files are constructed and know how to handle them. The array of compatible file formats, combined with its video configuration editing tools and the tab-based GUI offer it the versatility that makes it worth your while.

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ChapterEditor 4.0.2 Download

100% free movie editor.
Edit video and chapter files of numerous formats
ChapterEditor is the best free software to edit video and chapter files of various formats, such as AVI, Matroska, MPEG, MOV, OGG, TS, VOB, WMV, MKV and so on.
A user-friendly interface for editing video and chapters
With the help of the tab-based interface, you can easily edit your video files and chapters with this free video editor. To start, you need to just double-click on the application icon. Then the interface opens with a list of video and chapter files available. Clicking on one of them opens the file in a new window.
Grab the best feature to edit video and chapters
Find the best feature to edit video and chapters in ChapterEditor as it provides powerful video and chapter editing tools such as batch editing, merge, split, trim, rotate, crop, adjust audio and so on.
Powerful video and chapter file editing tools
ChapterEditor provides powerful video and chapter editing tools such as batch editing, merge, split, trim, rotate, crop, adjust audio and so on.
Rename chapters, delete or create
Renaming chapters and creating new chapters are very easy using the chapterEditor. Simply click the “+” button on the top-right corner of the interface to create or rename chapters. To delete chapters, select them and click the “-” button. To add a new chapter, simply drag and drop the chapter file into ChapterEditor.
Batch editing, video manipulation, video splitting
Batch editing, video manipulation and video splitting are also powerful features offered by ChapterEditor. It allows you to combine video files, split, merge, rotate, crop, adjust audio and so on. Simply drag and drop any files on the interface or press the corresponding buttons to perform these functions.
Professional video editing and chapter editing
ChapterEditor also provides professional video editing and chapter editing, such as splicing, trimming, merging, splitting, rotating, cropping, and so on. To achieve these effects, click the red ‘Edit’ button on the top-left corner of the interface and select the effect that you want to use.
Video and chapter file conversion
ChapterEditor enables you to convert video and chapter files from one format to another, including GIF, BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PPM, PCX, PNG, ICO, PNM, PSD, and so on. Simply drag and drop any files

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Chapter Editor – A Free and Easy to Use Video Editing and Annotating Tool.
* Support DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD, MKV, Matroska, OGG, TsMuxer, 3GPP, TTXT, Matroska, VLC Bookmark, XML.
* Support Authoring, Previewing and Managing Chapters for DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD, MKV, OGG, TsMuxer, 3GPP, TTXT, Matroska, VLC Bookmark, XML.
* Support Matroska Merging.
* Supports QuickTime, AVCHD, CineForm HD, etc.
* Support TS (AAC, AAC+, AC-3, etc)
* Support Matroska Supported (Multiple Streams).
* Support DVD ISO/IFO.
* Support VOB.
* Support TsMuxer.
* Support Matroska.
* Support CCE SP.
* Support Ogg.
* Support VLC Bookmark.
* Support xml.
* Support VOB.
* Support H.264, AAC, AC-3, MP3, OGG.
* Support x264, x265, x264rgb, x265rgb, xvid, avidemux, ffmpeg, mplayer, zoneminder, vlc, cameragrabber, videowall.
* Support Editing and Managing Chapters
* Support Editing, Preview, and Managing Audio Chapters
* Support Muxing, Demuxing, Capturing, Rewind and Rewriting Chapters
* Support Audio and Video conversion
* Support DVD, HD DVD, MKV, OGG, TsM

What’s New in the?

VLC 0.8.6 has been released! The newest stable version of the open source media player is now available for download. This release contains various fixes, improvements and new features. The highlights include:* 

VLC 0.8.6 Changelog

The list of fixed bugs for VLC 0.8.6:

VLC doesn't work with ruby 1.9
VLC doesn't work with libao on ARM
VLC doesn't work with bz2
VLC doesn't work with audiocd
VLC segfaults on FreeBSD with libao
VLC video output is corrupted on some systems
VLC can't play 8 bit audio files
VLC stops decoding on some MP3 files
VLC doesn't work with AVFoundation
VLC can't access DVD drive when it's mounted

System Requirements:

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10/Mac OS X 10.5
Intel or AMD 64-bit processor
Minimum 4 GB of free hard drive space
2GB of free RAM
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